How about this, the Battle Creek City Commission voted unanimously to ban drivers from handling phones while behind the wheel.

We think this is a great idea based on how many motorists are distracted at any given moment while using their cell phone to make calls or whatever.

That means starting February 15 police can stop any drivers they see with a phone in their hand.

According to state police data, there were just under 13 thousand crashes involving distracted driving in 2016 and 43 people were killed and over 51 hundred people were hurt in those crashes.

According to WILX News 10, Your Breaking News and Weather Authority, drivers can also still use their GPS and talk into a mounted phone as long as they're not physically using it while driving.

Michigan currently has a distracted driving law on the books making it illegal to text and drive.   But what if the state of Michigan bans all cellphones from being used while driving?   This would definitely cut down on distracted driving.


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