Bath Township Police Department
Bath Township Police Department

The Bath Township Police department is warning Bath residents of a suspicious activity, involving an older model, light-blue-grayish van and a man attempting to sell bottles of "Fabuloso," which is a real product.

Last week, this man approached various homes, and when home owners opened their doors, they were met with a promise of "getting paid" if they let this guy tell them about this wonderful cleaner.

Evidently, some people were  - and rightly so - suspicious thanks to this guy's amateurish pitch...not professional at all. Another dead-giveaway is if the man asks for the "man of the house".....the product is aimed for housewives, so why would he ask for the MAN of the house?

The man has moppish curly brown hair, light brown skin and does not travel in the van alone. It's possible that the perpetrator has an accomplice that is female who has similar features of the man.

According to one near-victim, the guy sprinted to the van and got in the passenger side, then the van took off rather quickly without stopping at the next-door neighbor's home. The homeowner felt they wanted to get outta there fast, after they possibly caught sight of the homeowner's security camera.

Local authorities say this is happening all through Mid-Michigan with two similar vans; so if you have this occurrence, or notice a neighbor going through this, authorities say call 911.

The description issued by the Bath Township Police Department matches the description given by homeowners and they believe that one of the vans has a license plate number that begins with DJH.

This not just happening in Bath, but in Durand, Perry, Hillsdale and Eaton Rapids and more than likely, other small towns in-between.

DO NOT let these people into your one instance, according to, a homeowner let the female perpetrator use the bathroom, only to discover later that the woman had unlocked the bathroom window. To possibly sneak in later?

Once again, Bath Township Police Department advises that if you experience this, DO NOT open your door, call 911 or the Bath Township Police Department at 517-641-6271.

Please share this with your friends and neighbors.

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