Remember the days of bar hopping, drinking with groups of friends, and meeting random people at the bar who looked way better drunk? The good old days. Several people are anxious to get back to that, but with the ongoing pandemic, those moments will have to remain memories for now (if you have any memories of your drunk bar nights that is, lol.)

In a press conference on Wednesday, the question arose about when bars in Michigan will be able to reopen and according to Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, the state's Chief Medical Executive, it won't be any time soon. Dr. Khaldun referred to indoor bars as a "unique risk factor" because several data across the country has shown COVID-19 cases being linked back to indoor bars and restaurants. Bars are the bigger risk though since it's an enclosed space (sometimes tight), with lots of people, and alcohol involved. Dr. Khaldun notes that with alcohol people's behaviors also change. In other words, more alcohol = less bleeps given.

When Governor Whitmer first allowed bars to reopen back in June we almost immediately saw cases starting to rise again, especially among young people. Harper's bar in East Lansing is an example. It became a hotspot with over 100 positive cases stemming from there alone. And let's not forget about this Grand Rapids bar that got shut down by the health department after posting a video of a packed dance floor.

It's obvious people were being reckless the first time around so while I, too, miss going to the bar I can see why the state has chosen to keep them closed for now.

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According to ClickOnDetroit, Dr. Khaldun says she feels optimistic there could be a vaccine available by this fall.

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