Q: My dad or grandfather had a 78 that was a comedy record by two black comedians, I think they were called, "The Two Black Crows". One of the records they had was about getting home and finding someone with their wife. I remember my mother not liking us kids to play the record. Can you find out something about that record? Also many years ago, when I could only get WJR on the radio in the morning, JP McCarthy used to play a parody record once in awhile that had a couple Indians talking. After that talking bit, it broke into a song that started out, "Your red scarf matches your eyes..." Know anything about that?
A: 1) The Two Black Crows was a 1920's/1930's vaudeville act performed by the comedy team of Mack & Moran (sometimes referred to as Moran & Mack). The characters of the “two black crows” were African-Americans, complete with stereotype humor. They made a handful of comedy recordings, (spoken routines, not songs) with some of the jokes borrowed and used in films by The Three Stooges, Our Gang (The Little Rascals) and others. Mack & Moran also appeared on Broadway, had their own radio program and made a few feature films and shorts, appearing in blackface. I listened to all available Two Black Crows recordings and the only one I found that spoke about one of the characters catching his wife with another man is found on the 1928 record “Two Black Crows In Hades.” 2) The song that sounds like Indians could be WITCHI TAI TO (#69, 1969) by a duo called Everything Is Everything. The other song that features the lyric “your red scarf matches your eyes” is LOVING YOU HAS MADE ME BANANAS by Guy Marks, which peaked at #51 in 1968. That song did indeed have a spoken intro, but it was not by anyone sounding like Indians; it was spoken in the manner of the old bandleaders of the 1930's/1940's.