Thanks to a select few people who insisted on having their own license plates personalized with either curse words or something similar, legislation is being put up to vote about whether to ban them or not here in Michigan.

Many personalized plates are fine...but then there's some that are now being considered as morally wrong. But like what?

1) Any variation of a bad word or of the F word, such as “FWORD”

2) “ALCOHOL” along with misspellings like “ALCAHOL,”

3) ...and misspellings  like “ABEER,”  “BEEEER” “CHIVAS,” “CUERVOS”

4) Body parts and what you want to do to 'em.

5) Lots of hate, like  “H8FORD,” “IH8GM,” “H8HONDA.”


7) Also one for road ragers, like “SPEEDR”

To see a whole bunch more BANNED license plates from the freep, CLICK HERE.

Where do YOU stand on this?

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