Lorne Michaels always seemed like a nice, easy-going guy to work for...but there are 13 instances where certain celebrities didn't think so. Over the years, 'Saturday Night Live' exec producer Michaels has permanently banned certain celebrities from the show.

Milton Berle and Frank Zappa were both banned for mugging to the camera.
Steven Seagal and Robert Blake were too difficult to work with.
Martin Lawrence's monologue was considered too dirty for re-broadcast.
What song did Elvis Costello perform that got him permanently banned from the show?
Adrien Brody improvised many of his lines, a Lorne Michaels 'no-no'.

Of course, these instances all have more details to them and if you have five minutes, it's all pretty interesting reading. The following link explains Michaels' reasons for the bans and lists a baker's dozen celebrities and why they were banned from the show.

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