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This may cause some controversy with animal-rights people.

Arby's restaurants are servin' up venison sandwiches from Oct. 31 thru November 27 in recognition of hunting season...they believe “deer hunters are going to love this sandwich.”

Depends if you're a meat-eater or not.....some meat-eaters don't care for the gamey taste that venison sometimes produces.

The venison steak sandwiches are "100% deer meat that comes from free-range, grass-fed deer" according to USA Today. The thick steak is topped with crispy fried onions and a berry sauce on a toasted bun. 

Their slogan for the upcoming hunting season is "It's Meats Season," and hopes this sandwich succeeds by testing it out in hand-picked, prime hunting states: Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin.....AND MICHIGAN.

That's correct, Michiganians, you can gobble down a venison steak sandwich at Arby's....but for only three days. The six states will supposedly alternate three day 'shifts', so when it gets to Michigan you only have a three-day window in which to give it a shot.

The Michigan schedule is as follows:
Available Nov. 12-14:
4229 W Vienna Rd., Clio, Michigan
4040 17 Mile Rd. NE, Cedar Springs, Michigan
1215 M 89, Plainwell, Michigan
8685 Birch Run Rd., Birch Run, Michigan

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Aside from the obvious hunting season tie-in, why else does Arby's wanna try this? According to Arby's brand president & chief marketing officer, Rob Lynch, via USA Today, it “allows us to continue to set ourselves apart from the competition when it comes to protein.”

So, there ya go.
Will you try it?
Does it offend you in some way?
Or will you ignore it simply because you may be vegetarian or vegan?

Either way, I'm interested to read your thoughts and comments.