Not surprising, that the bacon vending  machine at Ohio State is a hit.   First of all, I mean who doesn''t love bacon, and to be able to get it from a vending machine while its still warm is brilliant.

In a world where we can get pizza, champagne or soft serve ice ream from a vending machine, why not bacon, and better yet, ….why has it taken so long.

I am apparently not the only bacon lover, because of all the photos I have seen from Ohio Stat there seems to always be a line for the bacon.

Here are your bacon options from the vending machine, a box of 12 strips of bacon or a pouch of  bacon bits, all for one dollar.  The bacon was donated by Smithfield, Hormel and Sugardale.  Proceeds from the sales will go the the school's  meat science department. and the students from the program are the ones who are responsible for the meat vending machine .  maintenance.

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