Governor Whitmer's trying to get more Michigan workers off unemployment and back into the workforce.  Whitmer has even proposed a weekly back to work bonus as an incentive.

A large number of Michigan workers are in no rush to get back to the daily grind since they are making money by just staying home.  Most are making 300 dollars or more a week in pandemic pay and unemployment, and because of that workers are in no hurry to change that.

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Under the Governor's proposal, workers would be able to return to work and still collect their 300 dollars a week as a bonus. That money would come from the federal government's 300 dollar unemployment bonus, which is currently being paid out.

Getting workers off unemployment and back to work has not been easy since, in many cases, they are making more money staying at home and not working.

Go to any job site online and you will find page after page of companies that are looking to hire.   One of the areas where workers are desperately needed is in the delivery sector.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more shoppers have started shopping online, and are continuing to do so even after most businesses have opened back up. That new shopping style has increased the need for warehouse workers and delivery drivers.

There are jobs to be had in Michigan, a lot of them actually, and with the Governors's plan to pay workers a bonus of 300 dollars a week until September, well that should get Michiganians back to work at a quicker rate. It's not yet known how eligibility will be determined, or when or if the plan will begin.

  Governor Whitmer said "this is a great way for everyone to transition back into the workplace following the coronavirus pandemic"

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