If you are any kind of Star Wars fan, then you have probably watched "The Mandalorian" on Disney Plus. Me being a fan of all things Star Wars, I love the show especially the character most fans refer to as Baby Yoda.

Producers, writers and directors of "The Mandalorian" say it is not  Baby Yoda, though. They refer to it as "the child." The character had been one of the best kept secrets, and on the episode of "The Mandalorian" when you saw the child for the first time, the gasp was heard around the world, and it became Baby Yoda. I mean, come on, that is exactly what the little guy looks like.

He is super cute and now has a fan base all across the galaxy (Star Wars reference).  Earlier this year, on May the 4th to be more accurate, General Mills announced that in grocery stores this summer will be "Baby Yoda" cereal.  Come on, he is so cute you could just eat him up. Now you will have the chance.

From the pictures on the box, the cereal looks to be sweetened corn puffs with marshmallows, and those marshmallows will be green and Baby Yoda shaped. If you see them on store shelves, grab them because I predict they will sell out faster than toilet paper.

This is not the first time General Mills has released "Star wars" cereal, as "Rise of Skywalker"cereal boxes were in stores in 2015 and 2016.

Hope you are able to get a box because it looks like Sam's club might have some come August. And May the Force be with you.

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