Sometimes reading stories about unusual living arrangements can not only be somewhat interesting, but also fascinating to say the least.

How would you feel if you walked into someone's home and noticed three baby alligators living inside a tank? Would you feel a little uncomfortable or would you find it interesting to watch the gators moving around in a glass tank?

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According to

a 36th District Court bailiff showed up to a home on the 9800 block of Yorkshire Boulevard around 2:30 p.m. Dec. 16, with a lawful court order to evict the tenant. The male tenant had fled prior to officers arriving, police said. Officers and the court official returned to the east-side residence to find one adult and three baby alligators inside a tank, police said.

Can you even imagine such a thing taking place?  The man police are looking to evict, took off somewhere leaving all three gators behind. adds:

Detroit Animal Care and Control officials were called in to handle the alligators, with the larger alligator fighting to escape custody but able to be brought under control with no human or animal injuries reported, police said.

Talk about a scary situation. What makes the evicted Detroit home owner think it's okay to own not one, but three alligators?  Bottom line: you cannot keep a baby alligator as a pet.

State law prohibits anyone from owning any dangerous animals except those kept at the zoo.

If you're wondering what's going to happen to those three alligators in Detroit, here's the scoop from

The alligators, which officials said were healthy and in good condition, will now be taken in by Detroit Animal Care and Control, which can then authorize the sale of the animals, transfer ownership of them or euthanize them.

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