Axe Throwing Becomes Recreational Trend
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This is an actual place, Hub Stadium.  It is an Auburn Hills bar that features ax throwing lanes.

Earlier this week the Michigan Liquor Control Commission pulled the bar's liquor license, after they deemed the bar as unsafe.  Seriously, what could be unsafe with people drinking and throwing ax's.

Hub Station had their license suspended for one day after they were considered to be unsafe.  Among the concerns was the fact that people were drinking alcohol while throwing ax's, some of those ax's were ricocheting off targets in the direction of others participants, and a basic lack of monitoring  by bar management.

A quote from the office of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs " a licensed establishment that allows alcohol-consuming patrons  to throw potentially injury or even deadly weapons posed a significant concern".  An investigation showed that a significant threat to the public health existed at this establishment.

Hub Station also features "bombowling", better  known in the
Detroit area as "fowling, a bowling-football type of sport that is basically throwing footballs at bowling pins.

For more information check out the Hub Station website.


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