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So I have just lost a lot of weight and now vacation time is here.   I honestly was worried about putting on some weight because I know we will be eating out a lot and most likely snacking as well.    When I went to Medi  Weightloss to get weighed in I told them my concerns about vacation  pounds Apparently this is  a worry for many people.

If you want to keep on track during your vacation, here are some tips that I got from Medi Weightloss, and they seem pretty easy to follow.

KEEP ACTIVE..Most likely you will eat more while on vacation so make sure to fit exercise in to compensate for the extra calories.

BE PREPARED..Always have some healthy snacks on hand so you wont have to eat whatever is available.

PORTION CONTROL..Enjoy what you eat on vacation but in moderation.  Eat smaller portions of whatever you like.

DON'T SAVE UP YOUR CALORIES..if you do that you will be so hungry that when you hit a restaurant or party, you will be so hangry you will head right for the food.and eat everything in sight.

Most importantly...STAY HYDRATED.  Sometimes your body will confuse thirst for hunger, so also make sure you have plenty of water when you eat.

Use these tips from Medi Weightl


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