It’s a good thing James Cameron makes Avatar down in New Zealand.

While America continues to struggle to contain the coronavirus, it’s full steam ahead for Cameron and his team in New Zealand as production continues on the Avatar sequels. Although they did lose four and a half months to the pandemic shutdown, they’re now back to work. Cameron told his old buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger in an interview for the Governator’s annual Austrian World Summit about the environment, “I don’t see any roadblocks to getting both pictures finished.”

Of course Cameron’s had about six previous release dates for Avatar 2 that have already come and gone. But he says he’s now getting very close to finishing. The end of Schwarzenegger and Cameron’s conversation ended with an Avatar update, where Cameron revealed live-action shooting on Avatar 2 is “100 percent complete,” and Avatar 3 is “95 percent complete.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean the movies are finished, as they involved tons of complex special effects that are still in production. But he’s approaching the finish line ... assuming that in two years there are any movie theaters left to show the film. Even talking to Arnold, Cameron was tight-lipped about the plot of the films, saying he wouldn’t discuss anything on a live YouTube video. (“I believe in the mystery and the great reveal,” he explained.)

Avatar 2 is scheduled to open in theaters on December 16, 2022. You can watch Arnold’s full interview with James Cameron below:

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