There is nothing better than authentic Italian food, especially if it's cooked to perfection with all of the right ingredients.

I'm a huge fan of Italian food and have been ever since I was a kid. So anytime there's talk about any authentic Italian restaurant, then you have my undivided attention.

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The place we're talking about is called "Da Edoardo" which you can find in Grand Blanc Township. Da Edeoardo is right across the street from the NCG Cinema movie theatre, located at 8185 Holly Road.

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“The biggest thing that surprises me is that people still don’t know that we’re here,” said co-owner Suzie Barbieri. “We run specials every Tuesday and we want people to know that we’re family run. It’s very much family hands-on.” Staffed with about 14 servers and five cooks, date night specials are offered on Tuesdays at $56. The special features a dinner for two guests, with a selection from two entrees, a bottle of wine, soup or salad, a side of penne bolo and dessert.

This place sounds wonderful and I can't believe I've never been there for dinner and drinks. You better believe "Da Edoardo" has now been added to my list of restaurants in 2023.

Does anyone remember Emil's Italian restaurant that use to be open on Michigan Avenue in Lansing? I loved that place.

I remember when it was open back in the day. Emil's would have their all you can eat spaghetti Tuesdays, and it was the best. All you could eat spaghetti, salad, and warm rolls. You just couldn't beat the great food and service.

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