Assinins is in the U.P. and is worth a stop during a Michigan roadtrip. The town was founded in 1843 by Bishop Frederic Baraga, who built an orphanage on the site - one of the first in the U.P.

It began as a Catholic orphanage, then turned over to the Chippewa tribe; the orphanage housed both Native American children as well as European.

To this day, some of the oldest buildings in this area of the U.P. are found here...and most of the old downtown is bare. The orphanage has been demolished.

But what about the haunting?

According to, people in the area - tourists, thrillseekers and residents alike - have seen apparitions of people that once inhabited the orphanage: the ghostly images of children, nuns and priests have been seen roaming the ruins, inside and out. Not to mention the usual objects that move on their own, various noises and sounds that resemble faint voices come from where the orphanage once stood.

North of town is the area cemetery, seemingly not even listed on contains the graves of former 1800's missionaries and orphanage priests.

There are some buildings still standing that go back to the 1800's and a few people left in this town, so treat the area with respect when you visit. But it's a fascinating old Michigan town that you really should visit to see something well as possibly witnessing something paranormal.

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