Governors and Mayors from across the United States have issued orders to shut down normal human contact and commercial life...this even as the Trump administration debates dialing back on those guidelines.

On Monday, Indiana, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Massachusetts ordered residents to stay at home and avoid gatherings in an effort to get a handle on the coronavirus. Some states, like Michigan, are allowing residents to go to the grocer, pharmacy or gas station. Others who work in what are considered essential jobs are to report to work.

The actions by the governors, Republican and Democrat alike, show that even if President Trump relaxes the recommendations, states won't necessarily follow.

The Trump administration has weighed loosening "social distancing" guidelines and encouraging more Americans to get back to work.  With so many off work the chances of the U.S. headed into a recession is a concern and unemployment claims are surging.

When issuing his state's stay at home mandate, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice said "this is the biggest event of any living person in the United States today."

The President said "we will be back in business as a country pretty soon, and you'll be hearing about that soon," adding, "I'm not looking at months." This as the Surgeon General said things are going to get worse before they get better.

U.S. Governors and President Trump disagree on Stay at Home mandates. Find more on

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