Not a surprise, but unfortunate nonetheless. The annual Arts, Beats & Eats festival as we know it, has been canceled. However, the show (so to speak), will somewhat go on.

According to the festival website, virtual concerts and drive-in concerts will be an option for people. All of the bands involved will be announced on August 7th. That takes care of the 'beats', but what about the 'eats'?

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The festival committee really got creative on this one, get ready for Eats On Your Streets. Residents in Royal Oak neighborhoods and surrounding communities, such as Clawson, Berkley, Huntington Woods and Ferndale, can request to have a locally owned food truck in their neighborhoods. The only catch is the locations will not be publicized. I did not realize that until now.

I was at Arts, Beats & Eats a few years ago, to watch Red Stone Souls and Avalon Black. It was a blast. The name says it all, great music, great food, and oh yeah, the art. Honestly I was either watching a band or in a bar, so I did not see much art.

If you still want to get your art fix, you can - by appointment. This September, patrons can preview artists’ work online and then be scheduled for a one hour visit with up to 20 participating artists. Fifty guests per hour and one visitor per booth at a time will be permitted. You can learn more here.

Big props for all involved with Arts, Beats & Eats for doing their best in a bad situation to still give us some forms of entertainment.

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