You could have done it this past weekend. But chances are you were busy, there was Daylight Saving Time, the after Halloween (candy) hangover, or you probably just didn't really know.

You could have voted over the weekend. You most definitely can vote tomorrow (Tuesday, November 5th). Polls open at 7 am.

It's the general election. And more than likely, you'll only have a handful of things or people to vote on.

Throughout mid-Michigan they are seeking to have voters approve proposals that will raise funds to improve schools, get new equipment for fire department or the approval of a city sale of local property received in foreclosure. (WILX)

To read more about elections and what will be on the ballot in your respective county click this link. (WILX)

Need to know who's running for what and where? Check out the local races for elected officials.

Are you registered to vote? Need to know where to go to vote? Head HERE.

The State of Michigan has everything you need to know about the upcoming election and voting tomorrow right HERE.

Please, register to vote. And then...VOTE.

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