When some random employees who are working from home were asked if they wanted to go back to working in the office, NO seemed to be most of the answers.

Many workers who have been doing their job for months at home have grown very comfortable and the thought of going back into their office place is not making some of them very happy.

Many say, it's not that they really don't like the idea of heading back to the work world (aka office), it is more like they have grown very comfortable with the routine of working at home.

I worked from home for weeks when the pandemic first hit, and to  be I got very comfortable and it was nice to work with no interference (except for 3 cats and a dog, who all felt they should  be near me or even laying on my computer.)

So I did not have an office, but I did take over my daughters room since she is away at college and I did get very comfortable.    But, and here is experience talking, it was nice to get back to the workplace and see all my friends/co-workers.  Getting back to my new normal.

A survey released earlier this week by Wells Fargo, found 42% of 1,094 workers said working at home had been a great time for them, only 14% missed being in the office.

On this issue I can see both sides.   I worked from home for several weeks, and loved it.   However it did not take long to miss going into work, dressing up instead of spending my day in workout clothes, and seeing my co-workers in person.

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