According to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan regulators have given the green light for online gambling and online sports betting to start at noon on Friday, Jan. 22.

I guess that means we can all start placing our bets to win some extra cash. A lot of gamblers have been looking forward to this moment for quite some time now.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board approved the first nine casinos and their online platform partners to launch at noon, with additional approvals in coming days.

The Legislature and Governor Gretchen Whitmer legalized internet gambling and sports betting in December 2019, and regulators spent all of last year devising rules and ways to monitor and license the new platforms. (Detroit Free Press)

You know what this means? We can all place bets by using our smartphone app or computer.

The minimum age for online gambling and sports betting is 21. Those taking part in sports betting do not need to be Michigan residents, but must be situated within the state's borders when placing bets.

Those from Ohio, where online sports betting isn't legal, could therefore use Michigan's new betting apps if they do so in Michigan.

Online gambling and sports betting wil provide the casinos with new ways to engage with customers while the state and local communities will benefit from taxes and payments on wagering revenue. (Detroit Free Press)

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