I remember when the weather service would report a 'wind chill' to let us know the wind could make it colder than what the temperature actually was. But the Einsteins at the Nat'l Weather Service couldn't leave well-enough alone because they figure the current crop of Americans are too stupid to know what 'wind chill' means...so they came up with moronic terms that "dumb us down" even more....."FEELS LIKE" and "REAL FEEL." Okay, so if the temperature outside is 21 degrees, they may say it "FEELS LIKE" 19 degrees. As if we can tell the difference of two lousy degrees? (Last summer I couldn't believe my eyes & ears...the weather report actually reported the temperature as 86 degrees but it "FELT LIKE" 86 degrees. What the heck???) Go back to the old 'wind chill' term...we aren't as stupid as they like to believe we are!