Is there anything worse than the smell of skunk? It's a horrendous smell that lingers forever. It's absolutely disgusting.

You can be driving down the road somewhere, listening to the radio with no worries in the world and then all of a sudden, you smell a distinctive odor that's all too familiar: SKUNK!

And here's the worst part, you can't get rid of that horrible smell until you drive further down the road, or if you have a bottle of Febreze in your glove compartment.

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There are several people complaining about skunk sightings in the Lansing area. One Lansing resident wrote a letter to the Lansing State Journal requesting a city wide program to curb the population.

Some would like to know who's responsible for the removal of skunks in the Lansing area?

According to the Lansing State Journal:

Technically, it's nobody's responsibility at all. In Michigan, neither county nor state officials have a method of tracking skunk population, leaving the issue to private residents. Ingham County Animal Control is only licensed to handle domestic animals and livestock, said Director Heidi Washington.

When I lived in the Lansing area about 20 years ago, I didn't have any issues with skunks, at least nothing I can remember. Maybe a lot of stray cats, but not skunks.

At this point we're not really sure if there is a skunk population issue. But I imagine there are certain individuals you could call that would remove unwanted nuisance animals.

Not too long ago I almost hit a skunk with my vehicle in the middle of the road. It was at night when visibility is much lower.

Anyway, that friendly skunk sprayed part of my vehicle with his special skunk spray and it was absolutely horrible. I took it through several car washes and it didn't stop the smell.

I couldn't get rid of that skunk smell no matter what I did. It eventually went away over time.

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