Let me make one thing perfectly clear before I get started on this post: I will not pick favorites over the Arby's chicken sandwich and the McDonald's chicken sandwich. Both are delicious.

According to USA Today, after last year's Chicken Sandwich War and before Lent, Arby's fired the first comment Sunday in a high stakes battle over who has the best fish sandwich.

The chain famous for its roast beef sandwiches is trolling McDonald's Filet O fish with a new campaign tied to its limited time Crispy Fish Sandwich and the new Fish n Cheddar Sandwich.

Arby's vice president of advertising said fish is meat. She also said we felt that it was time to take a different approach, to really have people question Filet O Fish, whether or not it is the best, and then try ours.

The Arby's campaign doesn't stop there. Arby's pokes fun at the size and square shape of McDonald's fish sandwich in a series of commercials that will run on TV and social media.

If you remember, a week after Popeyes' debut of its New Orleans style chicken sandwich in August, the chain started a social media frenzy with Chick-fil-A and other restaurants. It was quickly dubbed the Chicken Sandwich War.

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