It's becoming a sign of the times.   Major retail stores that we grew up shopping in are now closing down.

We have lost K-Mart,  Montgomery stores went out years ago, more recently was the closing of Younkers..  Sears has announced that they will be closing the Sears located inside the Jackson Crossing Mall.

The store will close in November and the liquidation sale will begin next week.,

Growing up in Owosso, it was such a big deal for me to go to Genesee Valley in Flint and shop for school clothes inside Sears.  I think the young girls section was called The Lemon Frog.

Believe me I get it, shopping on line is so much easier, but with each on line order you make puts a person who works in a store closer to losing their jobs.

Next time you want to do a bit of shopping, remember to shop local, because you could help your neighbor keep their job.

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