I can not imagine why any parent would want their child to be an actor. The track record of these kids is not so great, which is why your kids should not be the family bread winners. In fact, another child star is back in the news. I saw this on TMZ, along with his mug shot that can be added to other former child star mug shots. 

Zachery Ty Bryan was on the TV show "Home Improvement." Zachery played the eldest son of Tim Allen's character.  Now this former child star spent the weekend in jail on charges of choking his girlfriend.

Zachery Ty Bryan joins a long list of child stars who spiraled down after fame hit and then in most cases fame left. Here are just a few of the kiddos who went from fame to substance abuse, DUIs, mental health issues, and for many...jail.

Amanda Bynes shot to stardom on All That and The Amanda Show, also movies like Easy A and What A Girl Wants. Unfortunately she had some mental health issues that ended up going unchecked, and she had a few run-ins with the law for DUIs and substance abuse.  Amanda is still working through those issues.

Macaulay Culkin, Kevin from the Home Alone movies, is now 39 and loves his quiet life that is out of the Hollywood spotlight.  A perfect day for him is being at home with his cats and girlfriend. After a rough start, Mack, as he is called, got his life together and has very little to do with Hollywood or fame.

Jodie Sweetin from Full House started drinking at 14 and from there moved on to hard drugs for the next 15 years. This girl is lucky to be alive. She has been sober since 2008 and is an advocate for addiction and recovery. Jodie's career picked up again after "Fuller House" aired. Now she has had a few movies on the Hallmark channel.

Britney Spears, the former Mickey Mouse Club star and Pop Star, started to go down a dark path. Remember when she shaved her head and then took a golf club to her now ex husbands car? Her life is still not a bed of roses. Britney is working through mental health issues, but she is clean and sober.

Lindsay Lohan, who started off as the darling little girl who played twins on the movie Parent Trap and still favorite movie Mean Girls. Things started going bad and drugs and alcohol were to blame. Her life and all its problems played out in the gossip columns and and entertainment shows. Lindsay got away from Hollywood and her family problems she now lives in Dubai and owns a beach club in Greece. Attempts at restarting her career have not been successful.

Finally we have Haley Joel Osment who starred alongside Bruce Willis in The 6th Sense, where he uttered the famous line "I see dead people." Haley was in a few hit movies, one is a favorite of mine, Secondhand Lions, and when fame left he fell off track and got a DUI after a car accident. Luckily he turned his life around, graduated from college and is now a successful actor.

It never turns out well when your kid is the bread winner for the family.  Proving kids should just be kids.

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