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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Divorce Is Getting Messy

Angelina Jolie is reportedly prepared to testify against ex-husband Brad Pitt amid their divorce, the process for which began in 2016. Files were recently leaked that showed Jolie was ready to offer "proof and authority in support" of alleged domestic violence. (via Vanity Fair)

Nelly Is Working on a 'Country-Influenced' Album

Nelly caught up with PopCrush Nights host Kayla Thomas about his upcoming EP, Heartland, which features a heavy country music influence. Nelly described the album as bridging the gap between hip-hop and country. Check out the full interview, below:

Orlando Bloom's Daily Life Is So Unrelatable It's Hilarious

The U.K.'s Sunday Times recently followed a "day in the life" of Orlando Bloom, which was so unrelatable that folks took to Twitter to make fun of the actor's out-of-touch lifestyle. One user linked the article with a screenshot and wrote, "Genuinely thought the Orlando Bloom interview was a spoof. Is it really not?" (via TooFab)

People Say That Getting Work Emails 'Crushes Their Soul'

A recent survey revealed that more than half of Americans say that whenever they get work emails it "crushes their soul." The biggest complaint is that emails are extremely formal and a contained way to communicate. (via Yahoo! News)

Is Pete Davidson Dating a Bridgerton Star?

Phoebe Dynevor and Pete Davidson seem to be spending a lot of time together in both New York City and England. The Bridgerton star was seen in NYC in February and Davidson was spotted in Greater Manchester just this week. Rumors are flying around about the two linking up while he was in town. (via Page Six)

Man Gets QR Code Tattooed on His Neck

An Instagram influencer got a QR code tattooed on his neck that was meant to "link" to his Instagram account. Unfortunately, the code doesn't appear to be working—and truth be told, it's not clear whether or not it ever did. (via Daily News)

Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande Collaborate on New Song

Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande have finally worked together on a new song, titled "Met Him Last Night," off Lovato's upcoming album, Dancing With the Devil... The Art of Starting Over. The album, out April 2, will also feature collaborations with Saweetie and Noah Cyrus. (via Billboard)

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