Dear throw pillows,

Why do you have to look so wonderful in my home? You make my bed look so pretty, throw pillows, and you are always there to add a touch of color or whimsey to my chairs around my home.

In my mind, you can never have enough⁠—seriously, never enough. However, my husband does not agree with me. On my latest recon run to Target, I left with four more of you, and three days earlier I had already picked up two. I don't believe that I have a problem. I mean, I am just trying to make my home prettier.

This is where it gets sticky.  My husband saw me basically trying to sneak some of you pillows into the house. Ummmm that did not really go well for me.

In my defense, we just changed out our comforter and it really needed to pop with a bit of color. My husband was not thrilled. "Monica we have a closet full of pillows," he says as he pulls them down from the shelf in the closet. And then he mentioned all the throw pillows we have in bags in the basement and in the guest rooms...  I don't think it's a problem. I AM NOT A THROW PILLOW HOARDER!!  Although the other people in my home might disagree.

If you weren't so cute and fuzzy or luxurious and make me so happy, throw pillows, there would not be a problem.

I am not going to count how many of you I have, however, I so feel it is appropriate to put you in most rooms of my house without "other family members" complaining.

I don't need to hear every night that it takes an hour to clear the bed of the pillows, thank you very much David Andrews.

In closing, thank you for all the beauty you add to my home, throw pillows. I appreciate each and every one of you and will be looking for new hiding places.


Really, I don't have a problem.

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