I have been behind people in line at stores and they smell so bad it makes me gag, unwashed body with a jacket on that smells like 10 years of cigarette smoke....ick!

One passenger on a recent flight took that to an whole new level.   The man'sbody order was so bad that other passengers were either vomiting or fainting.   Now that must have been some stink.

The man in question smelled so bad that others were actually using their barf bags, one passenger said it was like he had not washed or changed clothes for several weeks.  (my luck, that's who I would be seated by).

In trying to stop the problem, the crew tried to quarantine the passenger in the bathroom of the Boeing 737, before the pilot finally took action and diverted the plane to an airport in Portugal where the stinky man was taken off the plane.

The reasons behind why the man smelled so bad are unknown, and it is not known if he suffered from some kind of medical condition, or just had a case of the i-don't-wash-EVER-syndrom.    Needless to say, that is a flight that those passengers will never forget.

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