American Idol is in its 15th and final season with more than 200  hopefuls from across the country looking for another shot to impress the American Idol judges.  It will be the end of the road for half of them.

This morning on WFMK, Danny and Monica welcomed American Idol contestant Manny Torres to the morning show.  Manny is from Flushing, Michigan.  Manny currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

We had so much fun talking to Manny this morning.  Manny is only 21 years old with a great career ahead of him.  We talked to Manny about several things, including constant pressure to stay on top of his game.  We asked Manny who his favorite American Idol judge is and he said, Jennifer Lopez.

Manny has great respect for all of the judges because he listens to their comments and takes their direction to make his next performance even better than the last one.

Manny also talked to us about Hollywood week.  Contestants took the stage in groups of 10, stepped up one by one and sang.  After everyone in the group performed, the judges revealed who would advance in the competition and who would go home.   Manny continues to advance.

Manny works very hard with his own style of music and  has incredible talent.  Soon American Idol will narrow down the field of contestants to 50 and then the top 25.  We wish Manny Torres the best of luck and we all thank him very much for spending time with us today on 99.1 WFMK!

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