School is definitely out for summer this year. Actually classrooms have been closed since March, and kids are learning using virtual class rooms on a home computer. This is not only a drastic change for the students, but the parents and the whole family. This means the kids are now home in the daytime and depending on their age, would require hands on help from a parent. Some students may not respond as well to virtual learning as opposed to in person teaching, where they have direct communication with each other.

Change has always been a constant, and the Covid 19 virus has pushed the change in the way we do things to a whole new level. Now that the shelter in place order has been lifted, it’s time to figure out when schools will reopen. Most colleges have already made their plans for the fall, and Governor Whitmer is helping schools do the same. She has created a “Return to Learn” council to figure out the safest way to restart our schools.

The group includes many in the education system along with labor leaders, health experts and a psychologist. CEO of the Skillman Foundation Tonya Allen will lead the group.
WLNS reports

“Almost half of Michiganders polled want to see the school year start on time this fall.” When asked, based on what they know about the crisis, when they think schools should reopen in Michigan, 46% of respondents said it should be in August or September “when schools usually start the year”.

As for the rest:
• 13% said the start should be delayed until October or November
• 5% said schools should not open until next year
• 24% didn’t give a date – they said schools should open once there’s “effective medicine” to treat COVID-19 or a vaccine to prevent it
• 12% were undecided or refused to give an answer

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