Looking at a satellite photo of this place, it's hard to imagine that it was once a sprawling farm.....and the structure that sits on the corner of Park Avenue & Englewood Avenue was the farmhouse.

Now it is the Allen Park Historical Museum.....and it is reported to be haunted.

The house was built mainly with red bricks in 1888 and turned into a 40-acre farm by Ferdinand Backhus and his wife Henrietta (some sources spell their last name as "Backhaus").

Then, beginning in the late 1920s, pieces of the Backhus land were sold by a new generation of the Backhus family, and a subdivision began building new houses. In 2001 the house itself was sold to the city and turned into a museum.

Since then, members of the Historical Society have reported strange activity in the old farmhouse. Apparitions have been seen – those of an older woman and a man in a plaid shirt...they are believed to be the ghosts of Henrietta and Ferdinand. There seems to be the spirit of a young boy seen with them, believed to be a grandson. Then again, it could be the spirit of Ferdinand Backhus Jr., who passed away in March 1888.

Ferdinand Sr. died in 1918, his wife Henrietta passed away in 1920.....it was not long afterward the above-mentioned chunks of farmland began selling. Is the presence of these two spirits their way of hanging on to their home? If so, they also interfere with electrical equipment and batteries, making them malfunction. Their images have also appeared in photographs taken within the house.

The Allen Park Historical Museum address is 15504 Englewood Avenue in Allen Park. Make sure you pay a visit sometime soon...and ask about the ghosts...

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