During World War II, Michigan had 32 Prisoner Of War camps. The Upper Peninsula housed 1,000 prisoners, while the Lower Peninsula got the most: 5,000 P.O.W.’s. Most of them were converted from former CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) camps in the early 1940’s.

Thanks to the U.S. military draft, there was a shortage of labor, and these camps provided workers by utilizing the German prisoners on farms picking fruit and helping with crops. Others were sent to work in forestry.

When the war ended, the German soldiers were returned to their homeland, and the ones who died in camp were buried in Fort Custer National Cemetery in Battle Creek.

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This historic, former Michigan POW camp seems accessible to visitors. If you visit, be respectful and take all the pictures you want. Don’t desecrate, spray juvenile graffiti, be obnoxious, litter, or vandalize. Don’t ruin this awesome historic spot for the rest of us.

The former Allegan POW camp can be found on the west side of Lake Allegan along 42nd Street.

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