This has got to be the oddest article I've ever written. I'm still confused and boggled by it. WOW.

Wanna meet an alien, right here in Michigan? It’s so simple…just go grocery shopping after midnight. It doesn’t matter what store you choose. Aliens have been known to do some grocery shopping in our supermarkets, but they are very secretive and won’t tell us which stores they shop in. How convenient.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?
Why, yes.....yes it does.

But there have been some weird late-night grocery encounters that people swear could’ve been caused by nothing else but aliens. This is Art Bell-kinda stuff.

These tales seem to involve dark-eyed human-shaped beings, some that stare and watch you until you – or they – are out of sight.

According to Mysterious Universe, at a Michigan Walmart during Christmas 2004, there was a strange encounter that was believed to be alien. A woman was in the checkout lane with a man she described as having “black eyes”. He turned to her and said he wanted to give a Spiderman clock to her son. There was another person in line separating them, and when the man reached to give the woman the clock, his hand went right through the body of the person between them.

Another time, a man was with his wife at a store one night when they noticed a series of three odd lights hovering in the air, and someone sitting in a darkened car, staring at them. The strange man was described as being “big and bloated, late middle-aged, balding, bespectacled and unkempt”. A UFO authority described a similar incident that involved a strange being as “wearing a gauzy outfit, thin hair, woven straw Panama type hat and sun glasses…, hair, and clothing are all almost the same beige color…..he lets me know in no uncertain terms that he is watching me or letting me know he is there”.

So how does that mean they’re alien?
Are they maybe stalkers, holdup guys, or just creeps?

And there’s more weirdness….like an alien dressed as a Walmart employee who is on a “marketing mission to influence Walmart customers that it was impossible for them to leave the store until they filled their baskets”.

Do I believe this stuff?
But the people involved sure do.

I can tell you are now totally confused as I am. There is obviously much more to this bizarre theory that you’ll have to read for yourself, then maybe it'll make more sense.…that's maybe.....and you can do so HERE.

In the meantime, if you’re shopping at an all-night store, pay close attention to those other shoppers around you – because you never know…..


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