Back in the day traveling on airplanes was something you dressed up for and you behaved like an adult should.  So what is going on now?  It seems like every week a new story pops up in the news about an 'adult' behaving badly at an airport or even on the plane.

Don't think for a minute that fights are not going down in Michigan airports, unfortunately they are and fellow passengers have the video to prove it.

Back in January some passengers on Spirit Air started a nasty fight.  The airport mayhem began when 4 people tried to board a flight without authorization. Spirit Air employees tried to verify the size of carry on bags, and that is when the group of passengers went nuts.  When it was over, 2 Spirit employees and one passenger were injured after the attack and the 4 passengers who started it all  were arrested, one was fined, and they are all banned permanently from flying Spirit Air.

There was another incident last week, again at Spirit Air, when 2 passengers took an incident that started on the plane to the terminal at Detroit Metro Airport. That beat down was filmed by a fellow passenger.

In March of this year a flight from LA to Phoenix on American Airlines was the scene of knock down brawl.  Apparently this fight started over who got to get off the plane first. Seriously.

Miami, unfortunately, has been the scene of to many fights, this latest one was over a passengers refusal to wear a mask.

My husband and I will be boarding a flight  tomorrow in search of sun and sand, and I will consider the trip a success if I don't have to witness any bad behavior by an adult in the airport or on the airplane.

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