My wife and I really enjoy eating pizza at Deluca's Restaurant on Willow St. in Lansing.  I swear we go there just about twice a month if not more.  Why do we go so much?  We Love their food, simple as that.

This past Saturday evening at Deluca's, something happened to us that never has before.  Someone paid for our dinner and then left the restaurant before we had a chance to thank them in person.

After my wife and I finished with dinner, our waitress walked up to our table and said the bill was already taken care of by a family who comes there quite often.

Lori and I couldn't believe it, this was so unexpected.  You would have thought we won the lottery the way we were so surprised by such a wonderful act of kindness.  We asked the waitress who it was and she said they had already left the restaurant.

We will probably never know who this nice family was, but we sincerely thank them from the bottom of our hearts for doing such a wonderful thing for two people who will pay it forward the next time we visit Deluca's restaurant.  As much as we dine there, it won't be long before we make someone's day!