Screenshot courtesy of drockjr, youtube

Now that summer's gone and the cold ain't far behind, here's a nostalgic look at three of Lansing's old drive-in theaters: the Crest, the M-78 and the Northside. It's a three minute+ video that shows different camera angles of those defunct Lansing drive-ins.

Interesting, yes, and sad at the same time – sad that the powers-that-be allowed drive-ins to become extinct in our area to make way for more corporate money-grubbing and/or parking lots.


But in many cases, these old drive-ins just sit there, with the land not being used for ANYTHING. The only good thing about THAT is, at least we can take another look at the area and remember what it was like to sit there with your PIC mosquito coil burning; that hidden beer under the seat; the kids that you snuck in the trunk; the over-priced greasy food; the speakers whose quality was so bad you couldn't understand what they were saying on-screen; make-out sessions; double, triple or fourple features; and sitting under the stars.

Drive-ins were awesome...and I take my hat off to the ones that still operate.

Check out the old "intermission" video below...

Today’s kids don’t realize what they’re missing.