WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Pearl Harbor, December 1941.
It was the attack heard 'round the world that escalated World War II to higher levels.
Not only that, but a whole village suffered and was turned into a ghost town.

In the aftermath of the attack, the United States government & military decided it better step up the game in military defense. So, in the spring of 1942, officials located a sleepy little village, kicked everybody out, tore down the buildings, and turned the town into a neighborhood of military bunkers, otherwise called the 'Susquehanna Ordnance Depot'.

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According to atlasobscura, 149 bunkers were built in order to store ammunition and explosives. With such a grand plan of action in mind, it sure didn't last very long. The necessity of TNT had been overestimated, turning the bunkers virtually useless for the last few years of the war. When the war came to an end, sections of the land were kept by the military for testing grounds and correctional facilities...the bunker area, however, was turned into game land and handed over to the state.

As you'll see in the photos below, many of the bunkers are hidden in the underbrush while others are easily seen by the road.

What's the name of the former town? Alvira, in Pennsylvania. Yes, the town is completely gone, with the only remaining things being two cemeteries and some foundations of the buildings that were callously torn down.

The two Michigan guys who explored this area take you inside a few of these bunkers, where you'll see very few remnants from the days of military occupation.  The bunkers are still on game land, so for anyone wanting to venture forth, keep in mind the area is patrolled, and anyone busting in will get busted themselves.

Abandoned World War II Bunkers, Pennsylvania


Abandoned 'Looney Tunes' House in the Woods

Abandoned 'Witch's Castle'

Three Abandoned Upper Peninsula Houses


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