It seems that creepy, old abandoned buildings are all the rage on the internet. What is it about looking at dark photos of once-vibrant buildings that bring us such joy?

Maybe joy isn't the right word. Fascination! Why are we so enthralled with deteriorating walls that used to house things, people, or animals? Maybe it's because we are looking for echoes of the past. Maybe we're looking at things to bring back fond memories.

Regardless, whenever I scroll through the galleries of vacant Michigan buildings, I always wonder about 2 things:

  1. I wonder if it's for sale?
  2. I wonder how long it would take to clean it?

The gallery below is a 44,000-square-foot abandoned school in Oscoda, Michigan. That is a TON of room for activities.


So to answer my own questions:

  1. Yes! It is for sale for $199,000. That's $5 a square foot for all that is potentially possessed by the souls of failed students and angry teachers. What a bargain!
  2. You'll need a team of paid professionals or a legion of friends you have dirt on to get this place tidied up enough for Mom to come over. Good news though! Chances are you'll be killed by the souls of failed students and/or angry teachers before you're done cleaning or before the first mortgage payment, so no worries!

What is the bright side to buying an empty school? Easy: Your own private gym. Or in this case 'Cafetorium', complete with stage, random junk that's been collecting since 1902, and maybe a possessed trophy or two! Think of the fun you'll have playing dodgeball with the silent killer clown that is plotting your eventual death. Happy real estate hunting!

Wanna Buy a School? This Michigan Fixer-Upper is a Bargain

This abandoned 1902 school is located just 1/4 mile off of Lake Huron in Oscoda, Michigan. There are two floors, each 22,000 square feet, making for a grand total of 44,000 square feet. You can pick this spacious, creepy, coffin-holding, skeleton hanging in a classroom, weird demon choir, and portal to hell for just $5 a square foot!

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