The old Niles Inn and Conference Center had been abandoned, vandalized, and deteriorating since 2016. Once a place that travelers could enjoy, the motel was losing its charm way before it closed down. Disgruntled customers would get online and say extremely negative things about their stay there:

“The place is derelict and miserable”
“Stains are EVERYwhere...”
“The only thing that will improve the inn is purification by fire...”
“I now need a TB test and tetanus shot...”
“At check-in they should provide mace and Lysol...”
“Would I ever stay there again? Not without a court order!”
“Derelict and miserable.”
“Most disgusting hotel I have ever set foot into.”
“More on par with a Third World haunted house.”
“If you want ice, the front desk will fetch some for a plastic trash bag!”

Wow...harsh words. On top of the many negative remarks made about this place, it had its share of ugly rumors, too, which included being an easy location for drug deals and prostitution. Whether the stories were true or not, the inn became a terrible eyesore and was shut down in 2016.

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The Niles Inn opened in 1969 with a total of 128 rooms. It had a very popular buffet-style restaurant, a favorite place to go for a Sunday afternoon dinner.

The few years that followed its 2016 closure saw vandals, graffiti, fires, and pillaging. Talks between Niles city officials and the owner continued for months until an agreement was reached: demolition will take place in 2022.

And it did. The Niles Inn and Convention Centre is no more, bulldozed to the ground in the first half of 2022.

The gallery below has images of the Niles Inn before demolition and you can see for yourself the deplorable condition it was in...

Abandoned Niles Motel & Conference Center


Abandoned Substance Abuser House

Abandoned Northern 1790 House

Abandoned Deer Forest & Story Book Lane

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