WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Here we go...an old abandoned farmhouse somewhere along M-50 near Tecumseh.

Looking at the photos, the house seems to have been overtaken by nature...all the weeds, bushes, vines, and grass have poked their way through the porch floors. They've wrapped themselves around the outside making it difficult to find a way in.

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Inside is an old four-range stove, jimmied doorknobs, a cup and plate that looks someone ate and left, glasses and plates still in the cupboard, an old piano, beds and mattresses that look like they may or may not have been used by squatters, chairs and sofas, lots of debris and garbage, and adult magazines among the many things left behind.

Outside is a boarded up well, weathered porch wood, saplings popping through the porch, and some kind of deceased animal...not sure what it is (turtle, maybe?).

It's usually a wise choice not to exactly pinpoint where these abandoned structures are, to keep others from trespassing & vandalizing, and for safety & legal reasons as well.

As with most deserted homes, it always makes me wonder why so much stuff is left behind...no more room for stuff, just didn't want the stuff, or just didn't want to take the time to load the stuff. The gallery below has a good handful of photos (a little blurry, as they came from a video) and the accompanying footage so you can get a  good look either way.

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