Leslie High School: 1928-1964
Middle School: 1964-1999
Charter School: 1999-2005
Abandoned: 2005-
Current status: to be demolished.

It's a sad thing when childhood memories get demolished. It's also sad that future generations won't know anything about these things in the decades to come.

Does anyone know of any demolition date yet?

Meantime, someone got some great shots of inside the old school, mixed with old school-day photos. The screenshots below have edited out any objectionable graffiti, but if you watch the video, be aware that there are some unacceptable words that intruders have spray-painted on the walls.

The insides of the old school are in pretty bad shape, but if you can somehow ignore it, the memories of what it once was should carry you through.


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WARNING: Objectionable graffiti found in the following video...