WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter any abandoned properties seen in this article unless they are open to the public. You could possibly risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

In Mackinac County, just north of the small town of Caffey, lies what was once the town of Fiborn. The town no longer exists, except maybe for some old foundations, hidden in the woods or underbrush.

But what is definitely still there is the old Fiborn Quarry. It's now part of a public nature preserve, so there doesn't seem to be any rule against trespassing. This limestone quarry operated from 1905 to 1936, and many curiosity & thrill-seekers come here to explore...and yes, there are even caves.

The town of Fiborn was located just north of the quarry. It had an elementary school, boarding house, employee housing, grocery store, and post office. The residents used the nearby caves to keep their food from perishing, like butter, eggs, milk, and beer. Dances were held in the boarding house for the enjoyment and amusement of the families, as well as a social gathering place for unmarrieds.

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Business was going great, especially during World War I. Fiborn townspeople deemed it an exciting event to take an automobile to nearby Rexton, just 5 miles away. There, they would shop to their heart's content.

After World War I, the quarry business went downhill, closing for good in 1936. When it closed, so did the town. The residents quickly left, looking for jobs and life elsewhere, in hopes it would be somewhat easier than quarry living.

To visit, take Trout Lake Road to Fiborn Quarry Road and head north for a mile or two. You'll come to a fork in the road and it doesn't matter which one you take...both will lead you there.

These are awesome, historic Michigan ruins to explore, trails to check out, and the massive quarry itself. Always explore with caution and safety; do not explore alone. Always have another person with you.

Check out the photos below and the videos. This is a great place to check out next time you roadtrip thru the Upper Peninsula!

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