WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

I gotta admit, the name "Black River" is enough to make me wanna visit Alcona County.

Black River is an unincorporated community that was originally a small village used by fishermen and trappers until it was settled back in 1849 by William Cullings. He could have called this new place "Cullingsville" or "Cullingston" after himself, but no. Not giving it too much thought, he simply dubbed it 'Black River' after the river that flowed through.

A lumbering Company - Alger, Smith & Company - began operating in 1876 and was successful for only four short years. By 1880 Black River had been the largest producer of pine timber in the entire world; but with the timber disappearing, Black River again went back to being a fish and trap village.

1877: Black River post office opens
1894: Post office re-named 'Blackriver'
1955: Name changed back as 'Black River'

The gallery below shows images of an old abandoned house and a separate restaurant. Inside the house is an old jukebox, seemingly still intact with selector buttons, turntable and needle (but no records). Inside the restaurant there is signage that says the place was once called "The Cabin". The old electric wall menu is still there, prices intact. Also a food freezer, a 'beef jerky' sale sign, and what looks like a big long tumbleweed that some squatter might have used for a bed.

Abandoned House & Restaurant, Black River


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