I still say these things are creepy. Every time I head north on US-127 and reach Ithaca, these things loom on the horizon like alien invaders. It doesn't matter if you are pro or anti these things. It doesn't matter what you call them, either: windmills, turbines, freak fans, bladerunners, metal men...they still have an aura of “War of the Worlds”.

They start popping up around the junction of 127 and Hayes Road, and yes, I know what their purpose is: they transfer wind energy into electrical energy. But that doesn't prevent me from getting creeped out every time these things appear.

They are a subject of an ongoing debate between the side who feels they are necessary and cost-effective, and the side that says they blot and litter the countryside. Some people look upon these turbines with a sense of calm and some security, while others, gasp in some kind of awe or mild fear.

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No, I am not taking either side. I'm doing this article for one reason only: to show you what the interior of these turbines look like. As I was heading north not too long ago and these creatures began materializing in the Michigan countryside, I wondered what they looked like from the inside, and if they were large enough for humans to work in...and I found out.

The gallery below shows some photos of what a couple of turbines look like from the inside and from the very top looking out over the blades. You'll see that not all turbines are the same.....on the inside.

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