Usually when there's a tourism video about your city, it's for folks who don't live here or are planning to visit. And it has this nice polish to it accentuating all the positives. But the folks over at Lansing Facts put this little video together and I swear it's just for us. A little tongue and cheek showcase of our town. It celebrates all the marvels that we know about. It's kind of, "what if we did a tourism video and talked to people about our city, the way we talk to each other about our city"?

This is hilarious. Great job Lansing Facts and a special nod to Dan Hartley.

Enjoy. And laugh. It's meant to be funny. Don't get all in your feelings.

Lansing Tourism presented by the Lansing Fact Institute

Hey #Lansing! We here at the #LansingFact Institute made a tourism video to showcase all our great neighborhoods (...and finally figure out this whole Frandor thing!)

Please share to show all your friends what this great city is all about!

A big thank you to Dan Hartley who shot, edited, and produced this masterwork!


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