With Christmas right around the corner, you will have a lot of wrapping paper around, so here are some ways to re-use it. These ideas to re-use wrapping paper will come in handy especially when you have a garbage bag full of wrapping paper and you are trying to fit it in your garbage can.

First these ideas might involve a little creativity but this will make the wrapping paper last longer.

  • Make festive bookmarks
  • Make Gift Card holders for gifts that you will give away later.
  • Make new Christmas ornaments for your tree next year.
  • Use Wrapping Paper as decoration such as: streamers, putting in picture frames, or creating a Christmas tree out of wrapping paper.

Next, these ideas involve less creativity

  • Line a book shelf or drink tray with wrapping paper.
  • Wrap text books, diaries, or any book
  • Use wrapping paper as box filling for when you ship something (also good cause then the person you send a gift to can use the paper or they will worry about getting rid of it)
  • Shred in confetti for New Years or any holiday

If you need a step by step in re-purposing wrapping paper you can check out some tips here from Buzzfeed.

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