Is there anything better than spending time on Mackinac's beautiful Island? It is a premiere destination in the heart of Michigan.

You really know you're on vacation when you're traveling north on 75 and then that moment when you first see the Mackinac Bridge is truly incredible.

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When I see that glorious Mackinac bridge there are several thoughts that run through my mind:

1. Mackinac Bridge

2. Mackinac Island

3. Mackinac Fudge

4. Lilac Festival

It's like being Happy Gilmore, when I go to a happy place!

That happy place is the 74th annual Lilac Festival which takes place on Mackinac Island June 3-12. The festival will include lots of activities as well as the Grand Parade.

Michiganders come from all over the state to witness so many fun events taking place on Mackinac Island beginning June 3.

Have I ever told you that lilacs are one of my favorite flowers? And believe me, plenty of them to see come June on Mackinac Island. tells us:

It seems like the perfect year to shine a spotlight on the island’s lush lilacs, which boast about 250 varieties among them and are some of the oldest and largest in the country. Is it a coincidence that 2022 has been labeled the “Year of the Lilac,” according to the National Garden Bureau? We think not. This year’s festival will include not only historic walking tours, but lilac planting, lilac painting, a 10K run and island-wide outdoor activities.

Who doesn't love being on Mackinac Island during the Lilac Festival? I would like to be a part of the historic walking tours during the festival and I wouldn't mind renting a couple of bicycles on Mackinac Island so my wife and I can do a little sight seeing.

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