Kmart is going to close 64 stores across the United States.   Liquidation sales will begin Sept. 22, and the stores will close their doors in mid December.

It is the latest round of cuts by the retailer.  Its parent company, Sears Holdings, said in April that it would close 68 Kmarts this summer.  Both Sears and Kmart have had a difficult time remaining profitable and competitive in a retail environment.

The latest closures include 17 stores that were among 235 sold last year by Sears Holdings to Seritage.

Kmart and Sears are hardly the only traditional retailers who are struggling.  Macy's said last month it would close 100 of its 675 full line locations because of dwindling profits.   And Walmart said in January it was shuttering 269 locations around the globe.  USA Today has all the details.