With most of us staying home these days, sometimes is hard coming up with new ideas to keep us entertained during these difficult times.

It seems like my wife and I have to work at coming up with new things to do at home so we don't keep thinking about what's going on around us all the time. You can only take so much of Netflix or your local news.

What about fun things to do at home during the coronavirus pandemic?

Here are some fun ways you can spend your days at home until it's safe to return to the outside world when it's free of coronavirus germs.

1. Get Creative in the kitchen-my wife Lori is better at this than I am, although I do contribute when it comes to new recipes. Lori has countless recipes that we look at every weekend, so we pick a really good one and we prepare a new meal just about every weekend.

2. Start or perfect a hobby-according to clickorlando.com, now is the time to either pick up that forgotten hobby or start a new one. You know what's great about starting a new hobby? There's a how to video for everything on YouTube.

3. Take an online class- I really like this idea. I wouldn't mind taking an online class on how to repair or fix my vehicle. In the long run, this would save us a lot of money. Universities and colleges around the world have online classes you could take.

4. Start a garden-"starting a garden is a great way to cut down on the essential groceries you need to pick up at the store. It can also be very therapeutic during this stressful time." (clickorlando.com)

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